Home Theater:

Whether your in the market for a simple home theater with a very conservative budget; or an all out barn raisin, curtain closing, neighbors calling to complain kind of theater, we are here for you!

Home theater is the ability to bring the enjoyment of the movie theater to your own home, with the same sound and picture quality. Why wait in lines, put up with all the crowds, pay $12.00 for a drink and bag of popcorn when you can enjoy the comfort and security of your own home.


Audio/Video Distribution:

Picture being able to walk throughout your home with your favorite music playing in each area, now imagine having the ability to change different sources in each different area; it’s all very easy and very affordable.

Let’s take it up a notch. Now image having all the electronics centralized in a utility room in the basement, yes that’s right nothing in any rooms except a TV. From a simple digital control panel in the wall you’ll have direct assess to control all those electronics in the basement (Satalite, Dvd, Radio, Ipod, VCR, Music DJ) and all area of the house are independent. So dad can be watching the game in the living room, while mom has Oprah on in the craft room, sister is listening to the music DJ in her room while brother has a radio station playing in the garage. Now lets say dinner is ready, mom simply picks up any phone, cordless or not, and presses #7. The whole house audio mutes and allows her to talk to all zones in the house and announce that dinner is ready, come and get it. The door bell is also integrated into this system. When the door bell is pushed, all zones mute and a beautiful high quality door chime sounds in all the speakers. You also have the ability to talk directly with the person at the door by simply pushing #3 on any phone.



Being able to see who is at your door from the convience of any television sure can give a piece of mind. Multiple camera’s can be placed anywhere around the home for added security, also being able to be viewed by any TV.



We believe in a specific wiring method know as “Structured Wiring”. This allows for any future updates to be added without rewiring the home. Thus, all wiring we pull (rg6 coax, rg59 camera, 8pr shielded with drain, cat5e phone, cat5e data, IR) are ran to a centralized distribution panel where correct termination can occur.

The hi-fi shop only uses the very finest in products and cables for your home systems. We install and sell only equipment that we have used for years and has proven to be reliable and easy to operate, ensuring years of trouble free enjoyment.

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